New Release “natsu no zenbu” 2LP vinyl

Ippei Matsui & Aki Tsuyuko “natsu no zenbu” 2LP vinyl
All Night Flight (ANF002)
Pre-order started in Japan, US and Canada
Available in early September 2020
US and Canada▶︎ Incidental Music, Portland
Japan▶︎ pianola records, Tokyo
“natsu no zenbu” was originally released by Ippei Matsui and Aki Tsuyuko as a private work in 2008, and is now remastered and reissued as a 2LP vinyl edition for the first time by the record store + label All Night Flight, based in Manchester, UK.
Music by Aki Tsuyuko & Ippei Matsui
Guest musician is Yasushi Yoshida
Mixed by Makoto Inada
Artwork and Design by Ippei Matsui
The original recordings have been remastered by Miles Whittaker and
the gatefold 2LP is manufactured by Pallas